The game is designed to be completed in two parts, because of the considerable length between stabilizing the seal and destroying the end creature. In order to bridge the gap, the character must either have children, transcend, or stabilize their essense (if they're a ghost). This document handles the second option in detail, and briefly covers the third.

To get the needed magics and materials to transcend/stabilize, the player will need to go on a special subquest according to their intended form. There are two major forms of transcendant, each divided into two subforms. After transcendance, a character loses all of their old racial abilities and gains those of the new form. The transcendance process requires until the beginning of part two of the game to complete -- they won't have any time to move around in transcended form until that part, as the intervening time is needed to become stable in their new form.
Stabilized ghosts - Most ghosts have a limited time in which they may interact with the living, their spirit kept in the material realmn, unbound to anything, by the magic of powerful curses. Usually, such curses are limited in time, as they only last a given amount of time after the death of the original caster, after which the ghost can only manifest in the nether realm. Stabilized ghosts are rare creatures that have managed to slowly lift the curse, replacing its magic hold on them with a gradual imposition of their will. After completing the process, a ghost requires practically negligable effort to exist on the material realm, and has safely lifted the curse on itself. Stabilized ghosts are just like normal ghosts, except they have the additional effect of having an aura of phasing (staying in walls is no longer problematic for them) and gain use of an additional aura slot.