The Merfolk

The Merfolk were other creations of the Cyclops, intended to explore the depths of the sea. When their creators disappeared, the Merfolk took the shallow waters and coastal land as their own. With their almost nonexistant hands, Merfolk cannot wield heavy weapons, and have developed instead a form of kickboxing for defense. Merfolk society focuses strongly on trade and exploration, with large litters and fairly frequent breeding making up for their poor individual survivability. Merfolk are on average 65-76 inches tall, and weigh by default 250lbs The following slots are available by default to Merfolk:

Because of their close elemental ties to water, merfolk can breathe water, with damage determined by their level. The tough scales of merfolk provide a natural AC bonus, and grant resistance to Bludgeoning and Cold attacks that become a L2 and Immunity (respectively) at higher levels. Merfolk are, however, vulnerable to electricity and heat attacks, also because of their natural environment. Merfolk get free kicking attacks in melee because of their long practice in kickboxing, with additional attacks gained dependent on level and class. Mermaids can also breathe water indefinitely.