The Ghost

The original void was not wholly displaced when it was replaced with the world created by the gods. Certain portions of it were, but much of the original void still exists, as well as portions where the void and energies from other realms bleed together. One of these regions is the nether realm, a mostly-parallel space to this world, where semi and nonphysical beings reside. Occasionally, such beings are summoned to this world, and held in place by a powerful curse. Ghosts are a specific kind of this group. Ghosts are leering, one-eyed horrors, with a gigantic mouth continually open in a silly grin. Ghosts are only semi-physical, and this feature hampers it in carrying things, although it can pass through solid matter briefly. Ghosts can distort their physical form to the extent that size is a matter of personal preference. Ghosts tend to weigh 5-8lbs when at rest, although when awake, their abilities permit them to hover in the air. By default, they have the following equipment slots available to them:

Ghosts can move through walls in a limited fashion, with free movement for a time dependent on their level, and then by paying HP dependent on further time spent in walls. When they reach level *NOT_YET_DETERMINED*, Ghosts can sink through the floor or rise through the ceiling after spending a certain time preparing. As they gain levels, ghosts learn to control the solidity of their form to a greater extent, granting them a natural AC bonus.