The Centaur

In the distant past, the land of Thren was the centre of a large empire. A particular sect of wizards in Thren decided to alter themselves using their magic in pursuit of perfection, and, among other forms, the Centaur were born. Swift of foot and naturally intelligent, Centaur tend to live in small communities around centers of learning. Early on, some Centaur who have rejected the scholastic lifestyle have achieved considerable success living in the wild. Physically, Centaur most resemble the body of a horse with a human torso where the horse's neck would be. Centaur stand on average 96-107 inches tall, and weigh on average 400-480lbs. By default, they have the following equipment slots available to them:

Centaur can move very rapidly in the wilderness, allowing them to cross lands in a single day that would take most other races a week. As they progress in experience, Centaur learn to move quickly in cramped spaces, giving them speed increases. Because of their form, Centaur cannot fly in any circumstances, nor can they take advantage of rides that other races can.