The gods of MoLD

In the beginning, there was a place. This place sat between Law and Chaos, a perfectly flat wall with an aura of order on one side, and a swirling fog of randomness on the other. The place was empty, and it was called Void. After an infinity of nothing, a strand of chaos reached across the void and pierced the wall of Law. These two orders of the universe, brought together, created the first life. This was the age of the gods. The first beings of this time created more of themselves, and explored existance with vigour. However, joyous exploration eventually led to conflict, and the many became few. The remaining gods decided to create worlds and restrict their actions to a few world which each god would choose. The world of MoLD is no exception - there were 17 gods which chose the world of MoLD and had a hand in its creation. Some of these gods have become inactive, having lost their sanity, decided to focus on another of their worlds, or are distracted on philosophical pursuits. The active gods are described below: