The Awakened

Eligible Races - Any, although what race a character is affects the mechanics of this class more than any other class
The Awakened are members of each race who have learned to surpass societal and mental barriers preventing them from achieving their mental potential. Breaking with tradition, common perceptions, and other ties to their race, they have learned to apply their will to affect the physical world. This class is a cousin to Angband's psionicist. Awakened do have different characteristics by race that can make a substantial difference in gameplay.

Base char/powers: Awakened use mental powers, which they gain a choice of as they grow in level. Even at the highest levels, Awakened won't have all powers (as there is a large selection), and to some degree, their powers are designed as they gain levels (e.g. range, power usage, damage, and other characteristics all relate to each other, and are chosen when the power is learned). The Awakened may also maintain, at additional cost, multiple powers with duration at a time.
Weapons summary: Awakened may only use slashing or missle weapons, as bludgeoning and piercing weapons tend to create sensations in the attacked that are quite disturbing to the mental state of the Awakened.
Armour summary: Awakened can wear only light armour well, as heavier armour tends to be too inflexible and distracting for proper use of mental powers
Item usage: Awakened tend to be fairly poor at magical devices, as the bindings of such devices to magical power tends to be quite distracting for the Awakened, and the mind of the Awakened is easily distracted into trying to analyze the illogical rules of magic. Racial Specifics